Los Angeles, CA



A full session with me is like getting the piano tuned. Whether it is a brand new Steinway and you are about to play a concert, or it is Grandma’s old upright that hasn’t been played in 40 years.  We will spend 2hrs together in my home studio where all of my experience is at your disposal.  We will start with tea and get to know where you are in your own nervous system. Then we will spend the rest of our time together pulling from my decades of experience to explore what steps we can take next to reintegrate your mind body connections and get you on your way toward healing and equanimity.  Whether it is asana, breath work, chanting, meditations, diet, martial arts, artistic expression, physical therapy, mental practices, or a myriad of other ‘prescriptions,’ you will leave the session with a clear idea of what practices to implement to continue on your journey, and a body that is ready for the healing to come.

suggested donation : $150